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Our Mission Statement

PACE International Academy is an intensive English as a Second Language school for both local residents and international students. We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere that emphasizes out-of-class experience in addition to classroom instruction to assist students in becoming proficient enough in English to

  • enter a college or university program and/or
  • improve professional qualifications.

Our comfortable family environment and flexibility with start dates and payment plans make us unique among ESL schools.

Experience English

Learning how to speak English and sound like an American does not come from studying books - it comes from listening and speaking with native English speakers. At PACE International Academy, all of our Educators, Teachers, and Staff are native English speakers. This means that our students will learn the American accent by hearing it all around them. Every semester, we have several parties and an activity that will give students a chance to use their conversation skills that are learned in the classroom in real life situations. These opportunities give our students extra motivation to improve their English communication and understanding.

Our curriculum is specially designed to meet the needs of our students. To begin with, students are tested and placed in classes based on their level of proficiency. We have 5 levels, from Basic to Advanced. Each term is 15 weeks long, making it possible for a basic student to finish all four levels in less than a year. Students can attend either Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Classes. The classes are four and a half hours a day, Monday through Thursday, with instruction in all the language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Grammar. **Please note that not all of our classes are available during the night courses. Our administrators can offer additional classes if there is enough demand.**

There are five levels: Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, and TOEFL/College Preparation. Students are placed in the appropriate level after taking a placement test. A proficiency test is administered at the end of each term to determine whether students are ready to advance to the next level. For those students who need to take the iBt TOEFL to go on to a college or university program, there is a TOEFL preparation class, along with College preparation in Level 5: TOEFL/College Preparation. However, we begin learning and practicing TOEFL-type questions in Level 4: Advanced English.

Upon successful completion of Level 5, students will receive a certificate of proficiency which is the school’s guarantee to employers, parents, and schools that the student is proficient enough in English to succeed at work or school. However, most colleges in the United States will still require a TOEFL score for admittance.

Experience Affordability

For a Full-time international student a 15-week semester is $2000. Upon QUALIFYING, students can pay their tuition in 4 payments. In one semester each students will receive 270 hours of class room instruction. This means PACE students get MORE for their MONEY.

Experience Flexibility

At PACE students can experience flexibility in their schedule, start dates, starting on vacation, and Level of English

  • Students can choose between the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Classes.
  • If you cannot make the semester start date, PACE will still accept you for a partial semester.
    (please email admin@eslpaceacademy.com for details on attending a partial semester)
  • Transferring Students that qualify for a vacation or authorized break may start on vacation.
  • Students may change the class they are attending within the first few weeks of the term if the difficulty level is too advanced or too easy.

Experience a "Home away from Home"

Living in a different country away from family and friends is sometimes an emotional struggle. Students at PACE experience a fun family environment by attending monthly birthday parties and Holiday events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. All the teachers and management are friendly and will assist the students in obtaining their BUS PASSES, DRIVERS LICENSE, BANK ACCOUNT, and other necessary items. This means that PACE Students have the support system that they can count on while they are away from the familiarity of home.


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